Boy Meets Girl

BoymeetsigrlTen pages into this book and I was ready to give up. But I persevered and found myself getting into it despite myself. The most important thing to realise before starting this is that it's not a novel. That is to say there are no chapters and no dialogue. Instead, the entire book is made up of letters, emails, transcripts of instant message conversations, minutes from meetings, diary entries and just about anything else that can be put down on paper.

If you're not expecting this clever style of construction, it can take a while to get used to, but once you do it soon becomes apparent how much skill it must take to work a plot into such a complex array of formats.

To cut a long story, the magical Ida Lopez is responsible for the dessert trolley at the New York Journal. Unfortunately, she doesn't deem everyone worthy of her baking, and when heartless lawyer Stu Hertzog is refused a slice of pie, it's up to Kate MacKenzie to dismiss everyone's favourite member of staff. But Mrs Lopez won't go down without a fight. The staff of the paper need their baked goods, and Ida's intent on setting Kate up with Mitch, who just happens to be Stu's younger brother.

It doesn't sound like it would make a great book, but the further you get, the more you realise you're getting into the story. Despite no descriptions, you feel like you know the characters, and after a while you almost forget you're not reading a traditional novel. If you get tired of books made up of letters and journal entries, obviously you're best to give it a miss. It's not the kind of book you're going to regret not reading, but if it intrigues you at all, I'd definitely give it a go.

Boy Meets Girl - Meg Cabot

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  • pandat

    i am meet the girl for long life friendship

  • I have read one Meg Cabot book and that was "The Guy Next Door" because it was for adults. The entire thing was made up of e-mails and nothing else. Ingenious. The story is really quite hilarious - one of the funniest I have ever read.

    Like you, I looked at it (this was at the bookstore) and nearly gave up but something made me take a gamble and try it out. So I went to the counter, paid the good lady the money and took it home. Am pretty pleased I did.

    Highly recommended!

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