The Little Lady Agency

Littlelady'The Little Lady Agency' may be Hester Browne's debut novel, but she can already count the likes of Sophie Kinsella and Chris Manby as fans, and with good reason. This is a great read with adorable characters and a fabulously witty writing style that pulls you in instantly. Our heroine Melissa lacks any kind of self confidence, so when she loses her job at an estate agents she invents Honey, a sexy alter-ego with a blonde wig and a killer wardrobe to run 'The Little Lady Agency'...

Honey's job is to help hapless men by doing all the things women do best - shopping, socialising and generally charming the pants of people. She's a rent-a-girlfriend of sorts, getting gay men off the hook with their mothers and buying christmas presents for difficult secretaries. But the line between Melissa and Honey gets blurred when she meets the gorgeous Jonathan, who just happens to be the roundabout reason she started the agency in the first place. Chaos ensues as she tries to keep her business running, cope with her overbearing dad, justify her job to her best mates, and keep her ex-colleagues off the trail.

This is the kind of funny, fast-paced book you'll devour in one sitting, and it has just enough twists and turns to stop you predicting the ending the moment you finish the first page. This one is definitely near the top of the pile as far as this year's new releases are concerned, and a must-have addition to any chick lit collection!

The Little Lady Agency - Hester Browne

The Little Lady Agency - Comments

  • Tiff

    I&#39m not sure if they are the same or not but, i can tell you for sure that the "Little Lady and the Prince" is the 3rd installment of the books for the US title.

  • I am finishing "What the lady wants" and I ordered "Little Lady Agency and the Prince" but am not sure if it is actually the same book - but US title... can some one clarify this for me?

  • Nomes

    I read this last weekend after reading your recommendation. I absolutely loved it as a light girly read, I thought it was really great. I love the idea of this book blog too. Thanks for the advice, I&#39ll check in regularly.

  • Ariana

    Ok, not only do I want to read this book, but I&#39m swooning over your job. Do tell if you ever need a US view of any new titles and thanks for starting this site up!

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