Shopaholicandsis This week's Yay or Nay features a book that I myself can not make my mind up about. The book in question in Sophie Kinsella's 'Shopaholic and Sister'. This is the fourth book about the irrepresible Becky, not content with having been a tv money guru, jetted across the world to live in New York, and organised the flashiest wedding seen in a long time she now discovers that she has a long lost sister. This book chronicles their meeting and discovering how different blood can be.

So did you enjoy it? Was it a welcome return to Becky's life or was it a step too far? Just tell us Yay or Nay, and Why?

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  • Little King

    Yay-I love all the books from the Shopaholic series, this was my least favourite, but it&#39d still get 5 stars because 4 is way too low. If the other editions in the series hadn&#39t existed-It&#39d be my favourite book ever.

    Sophie Kinsella is a genius ;D

  • Callie

    I loved it, i dont think any books with Rebecca Bloomwood involved could be boring, she`s such a well typical women, she does and says exactly what the rest of us women are thinking, Sophie Kinsella has her character spot on... i sometimes forget she isnt actually real. Its a YAY for me.. kinsella really know her stuff!

  • Yay for me too. Although I find the farcical aspects of Kinsella&#39s books deeply irritating - I&#39m always shouting at Becky as I read! - her writing is funny enough and her characters charming enough to keep me reading.

  • Yay - I do think that dredging up long lost siblings is a bit lame but I do love the Shopholic series.

  • Yay. It wasn&#39t as good as the first two, but since I gave Jemima J a yay I can hardly trash this! It&#39s still head and shoulders above a lot of rivals even if it&#39s not up to Kinsella&#39s usual standards.

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