Movie News: P S I Love You

Psilove Double Oscar-winner Hilary Swank is to play the lead in the film of Cecelia Ahern's best-selling novel.

Filming starts this Autumn in New York and Ireland. I'm hoping this means they've made Holly Irish-American and that Swank isn't going to attempt an Irish accent. (She's a great actress, but so's Nicole Kidman; remember Far & Away?)

The screenwriter is Steven Rogers whose previous credits include Kate & Leopold, Stepmom and Hope Floats, so it looks like it could be a bit of a tearjerker.

Movie News: P S I Love You - Comments

  • Natalka

    Great, really great film. Strongly recomend :) I haven&#39t seen so many crying people in the cinema since Titanic ;)

  • "Joseph, am I beautiful at all?"

    "Oi&#39ve never seen anythin&#39 loike ya, in all me livin&#39 loife!"

    To be fair, Tom&#39s accent was worse than Nicole&#39s ...

  • Suzi

    Ahhhh, Far and Away, a much quoted film from our youth. We could do an Irish accent better if my memory serves me right.

  • I love this book and can&#39t wait to see the film - I so didn&#39t see Holly as Hilary Swank though, still, I&#39ll keep an open mind!

  • Zoe

    Hmmm, I remember the Nicole Kidman wasn&#39t so bad if you turned the sound off, but that kind of ruined the film. :0

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