Liz_youngWell this week I've attempted to shine the spotlight on Liz (sometimes known as Elizabeth) Young, but she turns out to be an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, shrouded in .. well, you get the picture.

All I could find out was the following:

Elizabeth Young started writing after a variety of jobs that included being part of an airline cabin crew, modelling for TV commercials in Cyprus and working for the Sultan's Armed Forces in Oman. She has two daughters and lives in Surrey with a fat cat, a barmy spaniel and a saintly other half.

And that tiny bit of info was cobbled together from about five different sources! But her books are popular (and have had great reviews here, as you'll see over the cut) so does anyone - anyone! - know anything about her?

Carry on over the cut for Liz's bibliography.

Asking For Trouble (which was re-released as The Wedding Date)
Fair Game
A Girl's Best Friend
Making Mischief

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