THURSDAY THREE: Breast Cancer Vixens

Yeah, I know, last month was breast cancer awareness month, so this might have been more appropriate then... but deal with it! (Sorry to be bossy, but today's Thursday Three is about three butt-kicking women who dealt with breast cancer and still kept their senses of humour...)

First up, of course, is Cancer Vixen, the wonderful memoir by Marisa Acocella Marchetto which explodes the myth that graphic novels can't be moving, interesting, poignant pieces of work. Marisa writes about her diagnosis, chemo and radiotherapy (and the problems this causes) in such a way that anyone can relate- and anyone whose been through it will appreciate. She goes through some hard stuff, but comes out of it a vixen, not a victim.

Carry on over the cut for more vixens...

When it comes to surviving breast cancer, Tania Katan is something of an expert. In her memoir, My One-Night Stand With Cancer, she talks about what it's like to be a two-times breast cancer survivor after she's diagnosed first at the age of 21, and then again ten years later. She goes through not only biopsies and chemotherapy but two mastectomies. She's angry and upset by her experience- but uses it as a way to express herself creatively too, and ends up finding someone who truly loves and accepts her, so she has a happy ending.

Of course, not everyone survives breast cancer, no matter how hard they fight or how well they write about their experience. Another graphic novelist, Miriam Engelberg, the author of Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person, had initial success with treatment but sadly died on October 17th this year. A memorial will be held for her on November 19th.

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