You know how yesterday I said I didn't want you to do my job for me? Well, er, now I do.

Last month, Diane and I swapped Thursday Three for Friday Flick because I was struggling to find the time to watch movies and Diane had loads of films she wanted to talk about. But then Diane slipped off into the world of no internet (screeeeam!).

So I'm here all alone and I still don't have time to watch films (I've had Center Stage from LoveFilm for three weeks now*) so if anyone would like to share their thoughts on any film (based on a novel and that we haven't already written about) then please email us, I mean me.

And if you don't? Well then it'll be a Jane Austen adaptation-fest until Diane gets back ...

* although having just seen the photos on IMDb, I want to go and watch it right now!