FRIDAY FLICK: Mansfield Park

Mansfieldpark96 Long before ITV1 got their hands on Austen, when Billie Piper was but a babe in arms (well, almost), was this 1996 version of Mansfield Park, starring Frances O'Connor and Johnny Lee Miller.

It's the story of Fanny Price, the poor relation sent to live with her uncle and benefactor Sir Thomas Bertram (plus her auntie and distant cousins). But from whence comes all of Sir Bertram's money? (And more importantly, isn't Johnny Lee Miller rather dishy?! )

I have to say, I really enjoyed this film, but (confession time!) I haven't read the book it's based on. (Oops). I understand that some MAJOR liberties have been taken with the text, and that true Janeites (as Austen devotees are known) are still up in arms about it, eleven years later.

If you've never read Mansfield Park, you'll probably find it as enjoyable as I did. If you have read it, watch this at your own risk, people - and perhaps take it with a pinch of salt...

Like this, but more faithful to the original text: The BBC's Pride and Prejudice.

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FRIDAY FLICK: Mansfield Park - Comments

  • this is a great post,i like it very much

  • This is one of my favorite Austen adaptions ( I never manage to decide which one I like more). I tried to read the book once after watching the film, but I hated it, the Fanny in the book were just utterly annoying, I just wanted to slap her and tell her to pull her act together.

    I&#39ve seen the Billie Piper version too (which is just strange after she joined The Secret Life Of A Call Girl), but I didn&#39t like the characters and thought they made to much emphasize on the large bosoms and not as much on the interesting main character.

  • I haven&#39t seen the film, but when I studied the book at uni they focussed on the slavery aspect more than anything else.

  • anything to give a period drama a 15 certificate, Amy!

  • Amy

    I agree with Gemma, Fanny was more likeable in this film than in the book, and some of the actors in it are rather attractive! I didn&#39t mind the emphasis on slavery, the sex scene or even the hint of lesbianism between Mary and Fanny, but what I did think too much was the notebook Fanny finds with those awful images of Sir Thomas abusing his slaves. Aside from the notebook, I otherwise appreciated the attention on slavery in the film, but IMO the notebook was unnecessary and tasteless.

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