RowancolemanI was amazed to find that we haven't reviewed any of British author Rowan Coleman's books. Her first book, Growing Up Twice, was one of those put-the-world-on-hold books for me, so it's a shocking oversight. Don't worry, it'll be remedied soon, but in the meantime, Rowan's been kind enough to answer our questions.

Please describe your latest book in 15 words or fewer.

Five Women and one man find friendship, love, themselves and more at THE BABY GROUP.

Where do you like to write your books (in bed, a coffee shop, an office)?

I have bought an expensive desk and an expensive chair so I will sit at them whether I like it or not. (In bed.)

Your favourite chick-lit book?

It has to be Bridget Jones's Diary, you can't beat the best.

Your favourite female heroine (if different from above!), and why?

Jane Eyre, passionate, fiery go-getting and brave and all in crinoline! A woman (and a writer) way ahead of her time.

What tips would you give to any of our readers who want to become writers?

Write everyday, it's amazing how many people I meet who want to be writers but don't actually write anything.

What are you reading at the moment?

The Americanisation of my book The Accidental Mother. Sorry but it's true! No time to read for fun right now.

What are you working on now? (If you can give us a hint!)

I'm working on my next book, I can't tell you what it's about - not EXACTLY sure yet myself.

What question have you never been asked in an interview, but think you should have been? (Tell us the question and answer it too, if you like!)

Do you base your books on your own life and experiences? No I'm joking, I get asked THAT one all the time. No-one has ever asked me if I'd like David Tennant's Phone Numbers. And the answer is Yes.

Thanks, Rowan (a woman with excellent taste!).

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