DianaYou'll now no doubt all be aware of Tina Brown's book, The Diana Chronicles, released in time for the ten-year anniversary of Princess Diana's death. (Find out what The Guardian thought of it here).

So my question to you this week is simple: do you want to read it, or not? Is it an honourable tribute, or exploitation?

Do you care?!

Basically: is it a Yay or a Nay - and why?

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  • Nay. I&#39m with Melanie ~ it feels too much like exploitation.

  • Yes, maybe if there was something genuinely fresh to say it would be better. And that pink colour just seems inappropriate... call me old-fashioned!

  • Melanie

    Nay. It just seems like exploitation to me (especially after reading that review). It sounds like Tina Brown doesn&#39t really add anything to the "picture" we all have of Diana.

  • Nay. Get a shrink and get over it already. I&#39m sick of whiney women griping about their lovers leaving them. There are far worse things in life than being jilted by a loser for another woman - especially if that woman is Tori Spelling. Ick! She should be glad to be rid of him!

  • Melanie

    Nay. I can understand the desire to strike back when you&#39ve been hurt. But, in the end writing about the betrayal is much too obvious. It&#39s like slashing your ex&#39s tires. Shouldn&#39t revenge be achieved through living the best life you can and being happy without that person? Besides, the world doesn&#39t need to hear anymore about Tori Spelling.

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