BOOK REVIEW: The Tuesday Erotica Club by Lisa Beth Kovetz

TuesdayFour women from very different backgrounds form an unlikely writers' alliance in Lisa Beth Kovetz's debut novel, The Tuesday Erotica Club.

All have different jobs at a New York law firm when newly-pregnant Aimee decides to start a weekly writing group, which quickly becomes a weekly erotic writing group. Her friend Brooke is quick to join, as is older associate Margot, who has a reputation for being a bit scary. Secretary Lux is a latecomer to the group and with her distinct lack of writing skills, wildly coloured clothing and hair and tough attitude, isn't a welcome addition.  But she doesn't care. As the group becomes a regular fixture for all four women, all of their lives begin to change in dramatic ways and Aimee, Brooke, Margot and Lux realise they need each other's support more than they ever could have guessed...

As you might suspect from the title, there's a certain amount of erotic writing in the book, as we are treated to the women's creative efforts. It just stops short of being too much, but probably isn't for the squeamish about sex. However, the real plot of the book is about the importance of female friendship and it's a very good, well-crafted read. Unlike some other books I've read recently (e.g. this one), when the chapters alternated viewpoints, I didn't find it hard to keep them separate at all. And all the women became sympathetic characters by the end of the book, even the ones who didn't start out that way!

I just have two slight reservations: I felt that the character of Lux was maybe a little too naive at times, and I felt that maybe we didn't need to read quite so much erotica (I know, the clue was in the title!) - sex may sell, but this book doesn't need any gimmicks to keep readers hooked.

Rating: 4/5

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