Satc_group_Last week, the film and literary worlds were all-a-flutter with the news that Sex and the City is to be made into a movie - after years and years of rumours and speculation it is (apparently) really going to happen. I guess Kim Cattrall decided to just grit her teeth and make nice with SJP... or something. (I'm just speculating, that's not libel!) Anyhoo, what I want to know this week is whether you think it's a good idea.

Should a good thing be left well enough alone? Or are you chomping at the bit to find out what happened next for Carrie and co.? Do TV series ever make good films - if not, will this be the exception? And if you are keen on the idea, what should happen next? (Hey, you never know who might be reading!)

In other words: SATC - the movie: is it a Yay or a Nay, and why?

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  • Yay all the way!! I need my girls back.

  • Yay! I&#39d love to see the movie. There are so many twists that can happen and I miss the show.

  • Hmm. Well I was going to say "Abso-f*ck*n-lutely" but following Lucie&#39s comment I&#39m worried it&#39s going to go wrong for Big and Carrie. I loved the ending of the show...

    But it&#39s still a yay, because I miss &#39em. (Just don&#39t mess with Big and Carrie. Much.) :)

  • Big FAT YAY! I&#39m all for it. I would love to see how Big and Carrie are doing these days. Are they getting married? Or, is Big being a jerk yet again? It certainly has the opportunity to suck, but I&#39m willing to take that risk. I miss Carrie and Co.

  • Fiona

    Yay!!! I think it&#39s a brilliant idea. If they have the same writers there&#39s no reason it shouldn&#39t be as good as the telly series.

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