Is there no end to Jordan's talents?

51pn3jz3jxl_aa240_I was browsing Amazon, looking for cover images to accompany the articles I’ve written about Jordan, when I came across Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies series. Eh? Is that the same Katie Price we know and love as Jordan? The photo certainly looks like Jordan (or a big-busted Barbie doll), so I have to ask you, readers, do you know anything about the Perfect Ponies series, and is that really Jordan?

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Is there no end to Jordan's talents? - Comments

  • Steph

    Yes it is her she has 6 horses of her own inc a shetland for harvey.I know because i have all her books.I admire Katie she&#39s just amazing she&#39s got the looks,money,husband,kids and most people know her cos of her slagy ways but if they read about her and stuff shes really caring and nice


  • I like Jordan too. At first I didn&#39t, but now I really admire her. She knows how to make her money and it was nice to see her get married in her huge dress (which yes, critics ridiculed, but hey, at least she&#39s married!) I know that Jordan liked ponies and horses as a kid (I think she owns some too, though I could be wrong) so I&#39m not surprised she has a pony series.

  • Thanks Katie.

    I must admit I admire Jordan. She&#39s not just a blonde with big t***, she&#39s a blonde with big t*** and loads of cash. She&#39s obviously an intelligent woman who knows how to make money (that sounds a bit sarcastic but it really isn&#39t meant to be), and I say good luck to her.

  • Katie

    Yes indeed, it is definitely Jordan. Fact.

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