CockandbullA Cock and Bull Story is the film of the "unfilmable" novel Tristram Shandy. Except it's not. It's the film of the making of the film of Tristram Shandy, except it's not that either. It's all made up. So even though it starts with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon discussing the colour of Brydon's teeth ("Summer Meadow?" "Pub ceiling?") it's actually Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon playing characters called "Steve Coogan" and "Rob Brydon".

Do you know, as I type that it both makes me feel tired and the film sound incredibly pretentious, but it's not - it's really good fun. It's done so well that often, during the Tristram Shandy bits, I forget about the other bits and vice versa. I was frequently surprised when someone broke character during the dramatic scenes and, presumably because the cast are all such skilled comic actors, forgot repeatedly that none of it was real.

At one point Coogan mentions that Tristram Shandy was postmodern before there was such a thing as postmodernism or, for that matter, modernism and I guess you enjoyment of this film will depend on your feelings about postmodernism. I love "Rob Brydon" taking the mickey out of "Steve Coogan" by doing an excellent Alan Partridge impression and someone referring to Gillian Anderson as "Mulder", but I appreciate it might annoy the hell out of others.

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