Journalist Danuta Kean recently spoke at the Publishers Publicity Circle about blogging. She said that publishers should think carefully before encouraging their authors to start blogs, since blogging involves a lot of work and doesn't necessarily attract a lot of readers. But on the other hand a good blog is one of the few places where an author is able to brand their personality and establish a relationship with readers.

I absolutely love author blogs: Meg Cabot's brightens my day, I look forward to Jennifer Weiner's increasingly infrequent - but always worth the wait - posts and have learned a lot from Jennifer Crusie's various blogs.

But are you interested in authors' blogs? Do they make you more (or less!) likely to read their books? Basically, blogging authors - Yay or Nay and Why?

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  • Robin

    Well, I don&#39t remember how I stumbled onto Brenda Janowitz&#39 blog, but that&#39s how I became a fan of hers. I might never have ready anything by her if not for her blog. I also enjoy Jennifer Weiner&#39s blog, and Carly Phillips, I&#39ll have to check out Meg Cabot&#39s as I love her writing.

  • My initial reaction is Yay, of course. As a Trashionista fan, how could I feel otherwise?

    But I&#39m curious...does Danuta Kean have information to back up the claim that blogs don&#39t necessarily attract readers? Some stats, perhaps? I&#39d be interested to know where that idea is coming from.

  • I say yay. When I love an author&#39s work, I enjoy reading her blog just to get a little dose of her voice or sense of humor. It is hard to maintain a blog, so I&#39d say only those authors who are really into it, should do it.

  • treehavn

    Big yay. I&#39m not saying it&#39s for everyone, but I find reading blogs (like Marian Keyes monthly mailout) plugs the gaps whilst waiting for new material. Also, several people I&#39ve known online have gone on to publish successfully and it&#39s interesting to watch the development from &#39spare time writer&#39 to published author.

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