BOOK NEWS: Rough Justice by Kerry Katona

Kerry_katona_rough_justice_2Kerry Katona’s first novel, Tough Love, is published this week, and the follow up, Rough Justice, is already on Amazon for pre-order even though it isn’t published until next April. Rough Justice is the story of Charly Metcalfe whose footballer boyfriend, Joel is murdered, putting Charly and her family in the frame.

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BOOK NEWS: Rough Justice by Kerry Katona - Comments

  • Exactly, tvor. Duh, Stella ;)

  • tvor

    I&#39m always skeptical when the author&#39s name is bigger than the title. Maybe she got all emotional reading her autobiography because that was ghosted too and she didn&#39t actually write it.

  • Why would Kerry Katona read her own autobiography? Did she think she was going to find out something new she missed when she was writing it?

  • Kate Mosse (Labyrinth & Orange Prize founder) reviewed it in The Times this weekend and was quite positive. (Though she did point out teh ghostwriter wasn&#39t credited)

  • I read an interview with her where she said she got too upset reading her autobiography so her husband had to read it instead. Reading, mind. Not, writing!

    And, yes, she admitted she had a ghost writer for the novels. But just for, you know, putting the paragraphs in...

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