Celebrity books and chick lit "a turn off"

ClarksonAnother survey - this one by book swap site Read It Swap It - has found that what you're seen reading in public can affect your chances with the opposite sex.

44% of men said there is no way they would view a woman reading The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic as attractive, and in fact they would find it "a real turn-off".

Meanwhile, over a third of women said they would actually be physically repulsed by a man they saw reading The World According To Clarkson in public.

But then both of those books have negative connotations outside simply "chick lit" or "lad lit" definitions (for example, a man might think a woman reading a shopaholic book is a gold digger, hell bent on spending his money; a woman seeing a man reading Clarkson might think he was a reactionary moron ... and she'd be right).

But that's not all!

Two-thirds of British people perceive readers of celebrity autobiographies to be physically unattractive.

Yep, you read that right. The results show 66% of adults make negative judgments about the appearance of a person they see reading Being Jordan or Beckham: My World in public.

Imagine how hideous Jeremy Clarkson would look reading Beckham: My World... *shudder*

So what do you think? Do you make judgements about people based on what they're reading? What would put you off? What would attract you and make you want to talk to someone?

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Celebrity books and chick lit "a turn off" - Comments

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  • Matthew, I was being tongue-in-cheek. And, yes, of course you can read Clarkson to laugh *at* him, just make sure you don&#39t buy the book and add to his fortune!

    Shanna, I&#39m with you. I often want to start a conversation with someone I&#39ve seen reading a book I love, but, you know, they&#39d think I was crazy, so I don&#39t.

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