BOOK REVIEW: Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

BloomI've raved about the gorgeous cover of Elizabeth Scott's Bloom before, but just look at it! So pretty! So pretty, in fact, that it made me almost giddy with anticipation to read the contents. Fortunately, the I loved the inside just as much as the outside.

17-year-old Lauren has a perfect boyfriend in Dave, everyone thinks so. But perfect isn't necessarily exciting and Lauren's not sure they're right for each other. Except that Dave is popular and before she was with Dave, Lauren was anonymous, now she's Dave's girlfriend. And she's fine with it. Until Evan Kirkland turns up in one of her classes.

Evan isn't cool or popular, but he is charismatic, sexy and mysterious and Lauren finds she can't stop thinking about him.

While Lauren's trying to understand her feelings for Evan (and lack of feeling for Dave), she's also struggling to cope with her relationship with her father. He works all the time and they barely talk anymore. Plus Lauren's mother walked out when Lauren was six and hasn't been heard from since. And then there's her best friend Katie who has family problems of her own.

I loved everything about this book. Everything. Lauren is sweet, Evan is gorgeous, and the family problems suffered by practically every character were heartbreaking. It's not a sad book, though, in fact it's sweet and rather thrilling (mostly because I developed a huge crush on Evan, despite the fact that I'm 36 and he's 17 ... and fictional).

I can't wait to read Elizabeth Scott's next book.

Rating: 5/5

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BOOK REVIEW: Bloom by Elizabeth Scott - Comments

  • hannah

    smith was her last name

  • Chrissy

    Hey everyone. I loved Bloom. Absolutely one of my favorite books. Also, Bloom really reminded me of the book Sweethearts by Sara Zahr (Something like that!) But I have a question for everybody. Does anyone recall of Laurens last name in Bloom. Was it mentioned at all?

  • Em

    I agree with Little Willow. Perfect You is a great read! And it has a cool cover too. :)

  • I too enjoyed BLOOM. Her next release is coming out in March in the States, and if you liked BLOOM, you&#39re going to dig PERFECT YOU.

  • Hey, Ari, I keep calling her Elizabeth Bloom too! :)

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