BOOK REVIEW: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

Rememberme Reviewed by Deborah Riccio

It's not the waking up in hospital that freaks out Lexi Smart. It's the fact that she's got nails to die for, porcelain veneers, a glossy mane of hair, a Louis Vuitton handbag, she's Manager of a whole department ... and, oh yes, she's married to a drop-dead gorgeous millionaire husband.

The only drawback she can see is that she's aged three years.  But then so has her mother and (not-so-now) little sister.

How the hell did all that happen?

And what happened to the last three years?

As she begins to read the Marriage Manual written by her practically perfect husband, Lexi begins to wonder whether she will ever miss her crooked teeth, frizzy hair, loser boyfriend, crappy job and poverty-lifestyle. Ah� and her best friends and co-workers who now seem to quite simply hate her.

What has she done? What�s happened? Who is that great-looking guy in the black jeans? And why can�t she find any bread or crisps when she so desperately needs them?

The incomparable Sophie Kinsella's latest stand-alone novel is an utterly believable suspended-belief story with endearingly drawn characters which I defy anyone not to want to devour in one sitting. From the first page you'll feel a part of Lexi's life and be urging her to find the answers she so passionately needs to start piecing together her missing years.

Rating: 5/5

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BOOK REVIEW: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella - Comments

  • Neli

    I have read three of her books, but I could say from my last session with Kinsella's selection, I could highly recommend the Undomestic Goddess. I am to post a comment for REMEMBER ME, after a day or two...i'l start reading it this weekend. thanx for the review appreciate it. :-D

  • Laura

    Just finished the book and loved it!! I hope they don&#39t make a movie as i have my own image of Lexi and all the characters, but would really reccomend it! Sophie Kinsella also wrote Marley And Me which was a great film but i no when i read it im going to picture Jenifer aniston!

  • jacquotte


    i&#39ve just read the book and it&#39s a very funny, romantic book. I really enjoyed reading it so that i&#39ve ordered another book from the same author called "Can you keep a secret"!!

  • Flora

    I have read the book, and it is hilariously funny

  • jams

    ze book is veerrryyy nice! its very beautiful and full of lesson and i hope they make a movie version of this.. :)

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