Psiloveyou I went to see P.S I Love You this week. It's adapted from the Cecelia Ahern novel, which I haven't actually read (gasp!)

Anyhoo, if I was a proper film critic, I would proceed to eviscerate this film. The tone is all over the place - pathos, comedy, tragedy, and slap-stick mixed up in a stomach-churning manner.

The book is set in Ireland, but the film is largely set in New York (no surprise, there) and Scottish actor Gerard Butler plays the Irish husband, Gerry, with a supremely dodgy accent. 

The facts of Gerry's illness and eventual death from a brain tumour are glossed-over to get straight to the important business of Hilary Swank looking immaculate and wistful as Holly, the young widow.

The pace is a tad slow with constant flashbacks to the seemingly-perfect Gerry, and the Hollywood version of Ireland is laughable (Holly's new Irish love interest, William, sings in a pub, works on a farm and part-time as a coastguard. Okay, then.)

I would also say that the idea of a dying man setting up a load of letters for his future widow, with advice on getting on with her life like 'go and do karaoke' is one of those things that you will either view as desperately romantic or pathologically-creepy. I must admit I lean towards the latter...

However, despite its faults (or perhaps because I'm a soppy soul) P.S I Love You still managed to tug my heartstrings. I loved Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon as Holly's sassy best friends and Kathy Bates was brilliant as her mother. In fact, Hilary Swank really showed her true acting worth in a heart-breaking scene between Holly and her mother.

And yes, I cried. A little bit.

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FRIDAY FLICK: P.S. I Love You - Comments

  • Brea

    The book is DEFINITELY better than the movie. I cried a lot while reading the book. I saw the movie because of oh-so-hot Gerard Butler. But it was a letdown.

  • Robin

    I&#39ve not read the book (though I wanted to after seeing the movie), but I saw the movie earlier this week and I absolutely loved it. I&#39ve only seen Hillary Swank in dramatic roles and thought she was great, and I love Lisa Kudrow. I would have liked James Marsters (Spike!) to have had a bigger part. And even though I knew beforehand he was in the movie, I didn&#39t even recognize Jeffrey Dean Morgan (I know, what&#39s wrong with me), thought he was pretty good also. And I, too, cried, and I&#39m pretty sure my mom, sitting beside me, did also. The only character I really didn&#39t like was Hillary&#39s younger sister, my goodness, what was she on?

  • Ooh! Jeffrey Dean Morgan! I like him! I&#39m not sure I&#39m going to see the film, though. Maybe on DVD...

    I liked the book, Stella, but it&#39s the only one of Ms Ahern&#39s books I&#39ve even been able to finish.

  • Dagnammit! It&#39s a fair cop, though... And yes, that bottom was sublime. Sigh. xx

  • Kathryn (Sarah&#39s friend

    Let me tell you folks, she cried more than a bit!!! She looked a lot like she had been to a close family member&#39s funeral when she left the cinema!!!

    I must say I really enjoyed it. I read the book a long time ago and cried lots and the movie had the exact same result. I was slightly distracted by Lisa Kudrow&#39s strangely polished face but I managed to work through it. As for the shot of Jeffrey Dean Morgan&#39s flawlessly beautiful bottom, that alone was worth every penny.

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