GracemetalousBorn in 1924, Grace is most famous for writing Peyton Place (1956). The book sold millions worldwide and remained on the New York Times bestseller list. It was also made into a successful film starring Lana Turner and Lee Philips.

Peyton Place explores the dark secrets of the residents of a small New England town, and was denounced by critics as 'trash'.

She went on to write a further three novels, although none (unsuprisingly) enjoyed the same level of success.

Grace was criticised in the day for writing a racy, popular book - sound at all familar? In reply, she famously said, "If I'm a lousy writer, then an awful lot of people have lousy taste."

Grace was born in New Hampshire into a poor family with an absent father, but began writing at a young age. She married in her teens and became a housewife and mother, but despite financial hardship, never stopped writing.

Sadly, she died of alcholism in 1964.



Peyton Place
Return to Peyton Place
The Tight White Collar
No Adam in Eden

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