Clanofthecavebear070208A while ago I wrote an article for Scarlet magazine about the first thing that gave you a "special feeling down below". Answers ranged from listening to Elvis on headphones to Luke Skywalker being electrocuted by the Emperor (?!), but the majority of the answers involved books (with Shirley Conran's Lace being the most popular). Which makes me wonder why I never thought of turning it into a feature ... but it's too late now, because Jezebel have done it.

The fantastically-named Shelf Pleasuring is an occasional feature looking at "the books we stole off your parents' shelves when they weren't looking" with the first book being The Clan of the Cave Bear.

Mine was a more shocking The Happy Hooker by Xavier Hollander, found on a shelf in a villa in Lanzarote.

What was yours? (Don't be shy!)

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  • Avablue, that&#39s so weird! I read your comment yesterday and made a mental note to look up Wifey since I&#39d never heard of it. Then I collected Judy Blume&#39s Summer Sisters (which was recommended by another commenter) and there was Wifey! Spooky!

  • Robyn

    The Thorn Birds by Carson McCullers & Forever by Judy Blume. Both of these were read secretly from cover to cover.

  • Robin

    As a teenager, I found a copy of an Anais Nin book in the drawer of the bedside table in my parents&#39 room. Talk about a discovery!

  • Avablue14

    I had two:

    Jaws and Wifey...need I say more?

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