BOOK NEWS: Reaching for the Stars

512mqsrn4l_sl500_aa240_It's aaaaages until it's out (March 09!), but I was very excited to hear about Lola Jaye's Reaching for the Stars.

Part of the Quick Reads promotion, it's non-fiction, detailing how Lola... hang on, I'll let the blurb explain:

Lola Jaye had always dreamt of being a writer but her journey to getting published wasn't easy. She would come home from her day job and write every evening and weekend.But it wasn't until years later, after several rejections, that she finally got her first book deal. Now Lola wants to help others reach for their dreams.In this simple step-by-step guide, she shows that with plenty of self belief, confidence and hard work, anything is possible.

If it's half as inspiring as her last guest blog for us, it should be a huge success!

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