COMPETITION: What would you ask Meg Cabot?

Megcabotcalismith473cBecause I am a very lucky duck indeed, later this month I'll be jetting (by train) to London to meet and interview the goddess that is Meg Cabot*.

To avoid the embarrassment of me just asking her where she gets her ideas from and then falling off my chair, I've decided to ask you to do my job for me tell me all the things you've ever wanted to know about Meg Cabot, but, er, haven't asked.

Exciting, eh? Also, there's a prize! Find out more over the cut.

* You can meet her too - check out her tour details here.

Okay, so all you need to do is leave a question for Meg in the comments section to this post (or, if you're shy, you can email it to me at editor [at]

I'll do my best to ask Meg everyone's questions and will also pick my favourite question and the, er, asker of that will win a copy of each of Meg's most recent two books (that's Airhead and the latest Allie Finkle book). Also, if Meg has released another book before I've picked a winner, which is quite likely, I'll include that too!.

Make sense? Hope so. Good luck!

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COMPETITION: What would you ask Meg Cabot? - Comments

  • kristina Beiler

    have you ever experienced seeing a ghost for yourself

  • Medens Gerbier

    I have more than one question but the all interlink with each other.

    What was you inspiration? What was the thing that got you into writing and how did you know that it was YOU! How did you know that writing was your passion?

  • Carolyn Montgomery

    My daughter is nearly 12 and has asked if she can read your books, I&#39m in two minds as I think she maybe a little too young but other girls in her tutor group at school have read them (and rave about them), what do you think?

  • Lizzy

    Out of all the books you&#39ve written which of your main characters is your favorite, and why?

    In your blog you&#39ve talked about some parents who haven&#39t screened Princess Diaries being upset about Mia thinking about sex. What&#39s your reaction to those parents who want to ban your books?

  • What&#39s one book you think that every teen girl should read?

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