This info is actually over a month old, but I've only just seen it. I think the full list might have been overshadowed by the woman at the top...

So here is Forbes magazines list of the Top 10 best paid authors:

1. JK Rowling, $300m
2. James Patterson, $50m
3. Stephen King, $45m
4. Tom Clancy, $35m
5. Danielle Steel, $30m
6. (Tie) John Grisham, $25m
7. (Tie) Dean Koontz, $25m
8. Ken Follett, $20m
9. Janet Evanovich, $17m
10. Nicholas Sparks, $16m

Notice anything about that list? Yep, only three women. Seems a bit puzzling to me, since it's women who buy the majority of books and presumably they're not biased by the sex of the author. So it is simply that male authors garner bigger publishing advances and book deals? Or that male books will sell to both men and women, while books by women aren't bought by men? (Apart from JK Rowling's and, let's not forget, that's why she was "JK" - rather than Joanne - in the first place, because otherwise boys wouldn't have read her books.)

I also can't help noticing that many of the books by the male authors have been made into movies. Yes, of course, JK Rowling's have too, and Danielle Steele's have been made into mini-series and TV movies (which, I can only assume, don't bring in the big bucks like a proper blockbuster), but Janet Evanovich's, despite there being talk of movies for years now, have just not happened.

Of course, it's possible I'm being paranoid, but it just seems a bit... uneven. What do you think?

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