More anti-Becky Bloomwood blogging as we head towards the Shopaholic movie release


Shiny Style has a few issues with the costumes for the long-awaited Shopaholic movie. As most of you will know by now, not only has Becky Bloomwood been made American for the film (albeit played by an Aussie) she's also been turned into Carrie Bradshaw on acid as far as clothing is concerned.

With the books so well-loved, it seems a shame that Becky's been changed almost beyond recognition (though I do love Isla Fisher). Why the need to over-style her to the point of the ridiculous? Surely Becky was crazy enough?

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More anti-Becky Bloomwood blogging as we head towards the Shopaholic movie release - Comments

  • Nga

    Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of my favorite books of all time. And this movie was completely and utterly horrific. It did no justice to the movie. They basically stole the character names and the book title, but nothing else in this movie was from the book. I hated how they portrayed Bex and Suze. They made them complete airheads and Americans. I would never suggest this movie to anyone.

  • Hollie

    Im glad im not the only 1 who is quite annoyed that the movie confessions of a shopaholic based on Sophie Kinsella&#39s books is American. I love these books and part of the main reason for this is because they are English, i truly believe the references to such places as Bentalls of Kingston and other English place are the reason i fell in love with Becky Bloomwood&#39s character. I think the movie will be good but how are they going to make a movie of &#39shopaholic abroad&#39 in which Becky goes to New York when the movie is based there. I have nothing against America or Amerian people at all i just think it is a huge shame that they take best selling books from an English author with an English character base and make them American! They did the same thing with Celia Ahern&#39s PS I LOVE YOU, an Irish Book with all Irish characters that in the movie was largely American! Do you think Bridget Jones would have been quite as brilliant if the character was American? No i don&#39t think it would, they even got an American actress to play the role but it worked because they kept the character true to the book. The Becky Bloomwood that made the Shopaholic books as amazing as they are, the Becky Bloomwood we all know and love and the Becky Bloomwood we want to see on the big screen is English, and that works, why have they changed something that didn&#39t need to be changed! It is not as though an English character ruins a movie is it? no it is not look at films like Bridget Jones, Titanic, Alfie, love actually, 4 weddings, even Harry potter!

    I am sure i am not the only person who feels an american Becky Bloomwood is a shame!

  • Debbie

    Absolutely on spot with the Americanization of Becky! What will they do with Shopaholic Gets Married??? I hope I&#39m not as disappointed with this as I think I will be.

  • I totally agree! movies are always OTT compared to the book. i think they overstyled her because of the success of SATC and the amount of brand endorsement they had...maybe this movie will have the same amount of endorsement too? and I hear she is a bit of a vintage wearer in the movie? this might be because they are trying to make the movie more on-trend. it looks like a good film though, just wished they didnt have to say it was based on the book because all the readers will be peeved about how much it has changed!!

  • I too was disappointed when I learned of the Americanization of the story. Also, I think the overall casting is a little wacky!?!

    Personally, I prefer Kinsella&#39s NON-shopaholic stuff, but I won&#39t mind taking a gander at the film... maybe when it comes out on DVD.

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