Crossed Wires Crossed Wires by Rosy Thornton has been marketed as an old fashioned fairy tale. These four words instantly grabbed me. We follow the lives of two characters. Peter, a widower, Cambridge professor and father of twin girls, and Mina, insurance call centre worker and young single parent to a daughter in Sheffield. When Peter prangs his car, he rings his insurance firm and immediately feels a connection with the woman who takes his details and deals with his claim. She, too, feels a connection.

The second time he prangs his car he asks for Mina by name. Her curiosity aroused, she digs into his records and rings him later at home. He returns the call a while later and soon they are each looking forward to their Sunday evening chats. Then, when something happens in Mina's life, Peter is the person she calls.

This book is one of those slow starters that gradually reels you in until you become hooked. I couldn't wait to catch up with them each evening to see how they had got on. I really enjoyed it. It's a book you can genuinely call lovely.

Rating: 4/5

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