BOOK REVIEW: Diary of an On-Call Girl by WPC E.E. Bloggs

DiaryOnCallGirl_smallerWe previously had a look at some of the top career non-fiction , and frankly, Diary of an On-Call Girl just had to be featured on this list.

You guessed it - this isn't about everyone's favourite call-girl Belle, but instead an anonymous female police officer named WPC Ellie Bloggs. Based on her blog, A Twenty-First Century Police Officer, Ellie's hilarious memoir focuses on life in the Force and why sometimes, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Based in the town of Blandmore in the county of Blandshire (could it be my town? Hmm...) PC Bloggs goes up against some of the town's bad guys on a daily basis. And we'll use that term loosely, because sometimes the criminals aren't as scary as they seem. Going from the lesser domestic disputes to the more serious, Ellie describes exactly what happens when there's a public emergency. But even though you'll probably be laughing at her police tales, some of it can shock you!

Diary of an On-Call Girl: True Stories from the Front Line is written in diary format, similar to the blog. But it's funnier. For anyone who's ever been curious as to what life as a police officer is like, this is a must-read.

Ellie tells of her day-to-day work, from the serious issues to the...well, not so serious. And there are plenty of the latter. As Ellie deals with man troubles and collegaues, she's out trying to catch the criminals which can somehow be a bit tiresome what with all the paperwork that's involved. And despite most of Ellie's anecdotes being laugh-out-loud funny, there's a darker side to the story - the truth about modern policing.

WPC Bloggs is a brilliantly witty writer who spills the beans on the profession perfectly.

Rating: 4/5

BOOK REVIEW: Diary of an On-Call Girl by WPC E.E. Bloggs - Comments

  • Diary of an On-Call Girl is another that will have to go on my list.

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