IN THE NEWS: Jordan's autobiography set to be 'banned'

jordan.jpgKatie Price, aka Jordan, faces having her latest autobiography banned by bookstores - as chains see the memoir as 'milking' fans.

According to The Sun, glamour model Jordan's latest autobiography - which is her fourth in five years - could be 'boycotted' by major chains. The book is set to tell all about her split from Peter Andre (why am I not surprised here?) and would be released in the run-up to Christmas, alongside the autobiography of Pete himself.

Katie Price has already 'written' (*cough*) a series of novels, and was signed by Random House three years ago to pen a series of childrens' stories. A source at the publishing house said: "Bookshop managers are really worried. They fear this latest book could do more harm than good for business and are seriously considering shunning it altogether. Booksellers do not want to annoy their customers by putting out yet another autobiography from the same person who has already had three printed. It seems to them as though she is trying to milk her fans for everything they've got."

Blackwell bookstores have stated that branches would not be stocking the book unless copies are requested. A Blackwell spokesman said: "She has done three already. This is not a book we would say to our readers, 'You must buy'." Waterstones have agreed that the book will only make it into their stores if it was seen as 'the right thing to do.'

Of course, Christmas is the time for celebs to cash in with their life stories, and personally? I think it's refreshing to see that major bookselling chains are taking fans and customers into consideration.

Do you agree that booksellers should decide not to stock certain books? Tell us your thoughts!

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