NEWS: Cheryl and Ashley breakup book to be published (already!)

cherylashley.jpgAs if you hadn't heard enough about the recent breakup of stars Cheryl and Ashley Cole (if you haven't heard, simply pick up a tabloid - you can't exactly escape from it at the moment.) In any case, it seems that a book about the split between the pop singer and millionaire footballer is already on the cards.

According to The Bookseller, John Blake plans on publishing a more recent account of the relationship. This news comes straight after the couple announced a divorce (due to Ashley's cheating). The book, written by John McShane, will be entitled 'Love Wars' and is due out on 4th May.

It will cover the public scandals following the pair and will be, according to Blake's head of marketing, "as up to date as we can get it.

"This is the inside story of how the UK's most loved solo artist found herself in the most roller coaster relationship of all time."

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