BOOK REVIEW: Katy Carter Wants a Hero By Ruth Saberton

katy.jpgWe interviewed Ruth Saberton last month as her novel, Katy Carter Wants a Hero, is due for release in April. I was lucky enough to read it and it. Is. HILARIOUS.)


Schoolteacher Katy Carter lives in a fantasy world. Well, most of the time. With dreams of becoming a romantic novelist, Katy often finds herself scribbling her tales of voracious heroines and strapping heroes - even in the back of her student's exercise books. Trying to focus on school meetings is one mean feat when you can't stop thinking about that perfect, handsome, caring hero...


It's not as though Katy's down on the hero front, however - in fact, she's due to marry James - her charming, high-flying banker fiance who Katy can't help but adore. And even though Katy's no champion dieter, has flyaway hair and her culinary skills are dire, she's determined to become the perfect wife for James. Despite his overbearing mother for whom nothing is quite right and workaholic James's constant jibes, Katy Carter is going to be the heroine to her hero (although not as waif-like and glam); a wife like those of his city friends, who look good all the time and host great parties. So when James is due to invite his important coworkers (and boss) home for a gathering, Katy's mission is set.


However, when disaster strikes in the form of a runaway lobster (and then some!), Katy finds that her romantic dream is in tatters, along with her potential bestseller...


Together with her best friend Ollie, Katy has to get back on her feet. And of course, get back to writing her perfect story. But with no fiance to go home to and a job she doesn't really like anymore, it's time for Katy to make some life changes. Off she heads to Cornwall, where she bumps into the most unlikely stranger. Soon Katy finds herself set for a whole new life (and a whole new job) including a makeover, a celebrity 'boyfriend' and a whole town full of inspiration. Yet can this new turn of events bring her the hero she's always wanted?


It was difficult to write this review without mentioning all of the funny and wonderful parts, but I prefer to avoid spoilers wherever possible. This book is one of the funniest I've read and is full of hilarious moments from chapter one. Katy is a little naive at the beginning, yet a fabulous, down-to-earth character who's immensely likeable. James? Not so much. But you'll soon find out why... 


Ruth has a natural wit that makes this book a page-turner. I found myself not only unable to put this down until I'd finished, but also prone to random bouts of the giggles in public. But it's well worth the strange looks! Katy Carter Wants a Hero is not only funny but a lovely tale, and already I can't wait to find out what Ruth Saberton has in store next.


Rating: 5/5


(Stay tuned for more news of a Katy Carter competition!)




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