CELEB READ (Kind of!): Tabloid Girl

tabloidgirl.jpgTelling tales on celebrities almost always make a good read. Piers' Morgan's The Insider books, along with Jessica Callan's Wicked Whispers lifted the lid on life in tabloid journalism with their scandalous memoirs. And February saw the release of another interesting title in a similar vein. Tabloid Girl follows the life of showbiz reporter Sharon Marshall and dishes the dirt on what life is really like working for a tabloid.

'I didn't know I was starting a life where I'd be asked to do three impossible things before breakfast, and be sworn at by four celebrities by lunch. I just thought, hey, I've got a job on a tabloid.' Sharon Marshall was a tabloid reporter for ten years. Along the way she saw and did some Very Bad Things. She also had a spectacularly lousy love life. It took the entire decade to realise the two may be connected. In her hilariously honest memoirs she reveals what really goes on behind the scenes at a major tabloid newspaper. What lengths will a tabloid hack go to, just to get the story? What do celebrities (secretly) do to get into the headlines? And can a job which involves fighting with popstars, pretending to be a swinger and provoking a fuming Jeremy Paxman ever make you marriage material?  

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