unluckyinlove.jpgIf you've enjoyed Jessica Fox's Hen Night Prophecies series so far, then you'll be pleased to hear that the next installment is on its way. Jessica, who wrote Katy Carter Wants a Hero (under the name Ruth Saberton) has penned Unlucky In Love, the fifth book in the Hen Night series. The book is due for release in mid-September. Here's the synopsis:

Risk-taker Libby Foster wishes she thought things through more - maybe then she'd avoid being humiliated at work over her reckless romantic attachments. So it's just as well that she's swearing herself off men and escaping to a Thai island to work on location casting for a romance-slash-action film. But is she really such a danger to the opposite sex? A series of bizarre events in the serene beach surroundings have Libby fretting, but could it be she's met her match in Craig, the daredevil martial arts instructor training her cast?