Katie-Price410.jpgPreviously we posted about Katie Price's attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the biggest book signing, currently held by former world chess champion Anatoli Karpov (1,951 copies in 8 hours in 2006). Katie's attempt was held today at the o2 Academy in Leeds with her new novel The Comeback Girl, but she was unable to beat the record.

All fans who attended the event will have their names printed in Katie's next book, Santa Baby, which is out this autumn.

Katie said: "Wow! That was amazing! What a shame we didn't quite break the record but we were close. Thanks so much to everyone who came along to support me. It's been a really brilliant day and I loved every minute. My fans really are the best and it was great that so many of them came out to tr an help me do this."

Better luck next time Katie...

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