bookartnails.jpgDifferent? Yes. Downright gorgeous? Definitely. For the fans of nail art among us, here's a little something for the book geeks - book print nails. (Squee!)

I've seen a couple of tutorials on the web recently about how to create this adorable pattern (and I swear I'll be devoting an evening to recreating it this week.) But here's a quick how-to from one Tumblr:

You will need:

a small glass of rubbing alcohol or vodka

10 strips of newspaper (bigger than your nails)

Light nail polish. white, clear, light pink, etc. Then:

Dip your nails in the alcohol for a while so the whole nail is wet

Press a strip of the newspaper on your nail and hold firmly for 30 seconds. do NOT move the strip, keep it firm.

YOU'RE DONE! Now go over with a clear coat so it'll last.

Hmm, sounds easy, but we'll see!

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