secretshopperaffair.jpgWe'll shortly be entering into the festive season (I know, right? Where has the year gone?!) and we'll be celebrating with a big selection of holiday-themed books! And there are plenty, one being Kate Harrison's The Secret Shopper Affair, the latest in the popular Secret Shopper series. A copy arrived in the post this morning and I'm looking forward to reading the next installment!

The book was released today and is now sporting a new cover, different from the rest of the Secret Shopper novels. What do you think? Are you fond of the new cover or do you prefer the old design? Leave a comment or let us know on Twitter!

Best mates Sandie, Emily and Grazia thought they'd be friends forever, but they reckoned without the dividing effects of men and money... Shopping guru Sandie is on a roll, with a baby on the way and Toby, her posh totty partner, proposing every five minutes. But when she realises the legendary Garnett's Department Store is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, she knows she's the only one to save it, even though Toby's mother seems determined to scupper the rescue bid. For Emily, Sandie's apparently perfect life is a bitter pill to swallow, especially as Emily's been banned from having a second child by her boyfriend, Will, who is more interested in saving the planet than her. As the rifts grow, will she learn to stand on her own two feet, or give in to a new temptation? Glamorous Grazia tries to play peace-maker but she's facing her own big decision: whether to develop her new career as an erotic embroidery artist... or give up on her talent for the sake of her new, needy lover? Can the magic of retail bring the secret shoppers back together, or is it time to shut up shop for good?

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