afterlifeclub.jpgI adore my Kindle, and it's always exciting to find new e-books and authors, and when I came across The Afterlife Club in the Kindle store, I just had to download it. The book seemed like a quirky read; chick-lit with a ghostly twist. I love paranormal chick-lit, so this sounded perfect!

Jude Ryan is the author of quite a few e-books, including About Face and Flight or Fancy? So it was interesting to see what she had to offer!

In The Afterlife Club, twenty-something Madeleine Duffy is killed whilst cycling to work, only to find herself in The Afterlife Club: Cyclists' Chapter. Immediately she's shocked and scared: 1) she's dead, and 2) she's not really a 'cyclist'. Madeleine's morning regime was a torturous plan to lose her extra pounds, helped mainly by the daily sight of fellow cyclist Corduroy Man. And now, she's dead, surrounded by a group of other dead cyclists who are in a far fitter shape than herself.

Soon Madeleine learns that her role in The Afterlife Club is to save others from cycling accidents. Placed back in London at the spot of her accident, Madeleine's job is to watch closely and save others from the same tragic fate. After a bit of training, reaching out like a ghostly superheroine seems easy enough. And after she learns that she can travel to any place that she visited in life, her curiosity gets the better of her. Which is when things start to go wrong.

After sneaking away to visit her grieving parents, Madeleine finds herself responsible for the death of another cyclist - one that's far from happy about her new situation. Worse still, Madeleine's family are not coping well, with her dad ill in hospital.

Meanwhile Ryan, aka Corduroy Man, is not coping either. Raising his daughter alone and working a stressful job is bringing him to a possible breaking point. Until he meets a lady who has recently lost her own daughter...

With Madeleine's afterlife job having come to a halt, she's left to work out just what she's still doing in the Cyclist's Chapter. Is there anything more she can do to help? Is she staying for a reason? And is there any way she can keep her father safe and well?

After reading this book I'm extremely pleased that I found Jude Ryan. The Afterlife Club was a wonderful story. Admittedly, I did think it would be more of a funny, light read - it's actually much deeper and serious a tale than it appears to be. But I liked this, and the way that Madeleine deals with the reality of her death. The subject itself is often a tricky one to convey in such a light and humorous way, and I think Jude did this perfectly. If you liked Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor, there's a strong possibility that you'll love this book, too. The only downside to this book was that there was no romance - Corduroy Man was someone Madeliene lusted after from afar, and nothing romantic happened at all in the story. Even though the reader gets to find out about what's going on in Ryan's life, which was an interesting sub-plot, I found that there was still something missing. However, it was still an enjoyable read.

I've recently downloaded About Face and I'm enjoying it so far! I'm looking forward to reading more from this promising author.

Rating: 4/5

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