BOOK REVIEW: Idol by Carrie Duffy

idol-cd.jpgCarrie Duffy's novel Idol was published last year, and I purchased it for my Kindle shortly after release date. However, I only recently read it due to my big to-read list! Sadly I wish I hadn't waited this long, as it's a fantastic book. Carrie Duffy's next novel, titled Diva, is set for release in 2012, so already I'm looking forward to it.

In Idol, glamorous twenty-somethings Sadie Laine and Jenna Johnson are set for the world of showbiz. Jenna is already there, after winning a dance contest that launched her career and put her straight into the spotlight as the hottest young singer and dancer in the public eye. However, Sadie is still trying to make it in the world of entertainment, living with a flatmate and doing low-paid promotional work until she finally lands the job of her dreams. And she's determined to make it.

Sadie and Jenna are teen rivals. Years previously, when up against each other at the competition that landed Jenna her dream life, Sadie knew that Jenna only won because her mother was sleeping with the judge. Adamant that Jenna didn't deserve her win, Sadie has loathed Jenna Johnson ever since.

Meanwhile, in America, Jenna is about to team up with famous rock band Phoenix. Jenna can't wait. After all, it's a chance to make her profile even bigger, and of course, there's the other perk of gorgeous Phoenix drummer Nick Taylor...

Back in London, Sadie is still trying to find work - and when she ends up in an affair with high-powered Paul Austin, she feels on top of the world. At first she's excited by the secret fling, Paul's job and the expensive gifts he lavishes upon her. However, pretty soon it comes to an end. When demanding Paul does something that could ultimately kill Sadie's career, she vows to get her revenge, but not before heading to Vegas to clear her mind. And when in Vegas, Sadie's dancing skills lead her to a career opportunity she can't possibly turn down. When Jenna's plans of hitting the big time with Phoenix are somewhat thwarted, the lives of the two young stars are about to collide. Can they be friends in order to get their revenge? Or will they still remain bitter enemies?

I absolutely loved this book - sure, it was rather unrealistic but it was still a perfect, scandallous read about fame, glamour and the realities of the showbusiness. I liked both of the main characters, especially the ambitious Sadie. The Paul sub-plot was interesting and it's hard to write about it without including spoilers, so I'll stop there! But if you're a fan of glamour-filled 'bonkbusters', you're bound to love this one. It's an addictive, glitzy read that I finished in one sitting. Bring on Diva!

Rating: 5/5

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