BOOK REVIEW: Knowing Me, Knowing You

knowingmeknowingyoukindle.jpgBack in October last year I attended the Festival of Romance, which showcased a variety of publishers and workshops - and not to mention all the wonderful authors who were there! One of them was Mandy Baggot, author of Strings Attached, Excess All Areas, Breaking the Ice and of course, Knowing Me Knowing You. The books have all been given beautiful new covers too, and I especially love this one!

Knowing Me Knowing You focuses on Kate, a single mother struggling to make ends meet. Her ex-husband Matthew doesn't seem at all interested in the family he left behind, leaving Kate to pick up the pieces, working as a legal executive and looking after two-year-old Bethan (with the help of tarot-reading childminder Hermione).

Worse still, Kate has to put up with smug, awful boss Miranda (aka the Lady Dragon). And when Kate's invited to a special work funtion, she doesn't want to go alone. Miranda will surely bask in the fact that Kate is single and her job will be made even worse. But when Hermione makes the suggestion of using a male escort for the occasion, Kate is tempted.

When gorgeous escort Joel turns up at the dinner with Kate, Miranda can't believe it. But it's soon announced that Kate and her partner have been volunteered by the company to take part in a cheesy romantic gameshow. Soon Kate and Joel find themselves in a relationship-based contest when they hardly know each other. But they manage to make it through the first rounds.

At first she's desperate to stop the charade, but when she finds out that there's £100,000 of prize money up for grabs, Kate can hardly back down...

With Matthew refusing to pay for Bethan, and his new girlfriend Amanda making things even more difficult, Kate's determined to do what she can in order to keep herself and Bethan financially stable. When Joel agrees to carry on with the gameshow, the pair begin to meet regularly in order to get to know each other. £100,000 is a lot of money, and what have they got to lose?

Though soon enough, the pair start to find out more about each other than they though they would. Kate begins to have feelings for the gorgeous and kindhearted Joel, although she's still in love with Matthew, who is constantly making life hell now that Joel is on the scene.

Can Kate and Joel fool the nation into believing they're a real couple, even if they're not? Will Kate's nosey colleagues find out her secret, especially now that she's up for a very important promotion? The pair have just weeks to go before the gameshow, and in that time - well, anything can happen...

Knowing Me Knowing You is a fabulous read - so much so that I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it. The characters are all likeable - besides, of course, nasty ex-husband Matthew and Lady Dragon Miranda, both of whom are intent on making Kate's life a misery. Matthew's attitude towards Kate and his daughter Bethan is appalling, yet at the same time believable. Kate is a funny yet hardworking character who I was rooting for the whole time, along with the charming escort and personal trainer, Joel. Mandy's witty writing style is evident throughout and I couldn't help but giggle out loud at some chapters, especially when the pair have to endure the cheesy gameshow and the 'Love Dove'. This really is a lovely book and I'm eager to read the rest of Mandy Baggot's novels. If you're looking for a hilarious yet heartwarming romance to read, Mandy can surely deliver.

Rating: 5/5

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