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amandab.jpgLast year, Trashionista spoke to author Amanda Brobyn about her debut novel, Crystal Balls. Now shes back with Some Like It Hot, which was released in December, and we couldn't wait to catch up with the lovely Amanda to find out more!

Hi Amanda! What have you been up to since we last spoke to you?

I've been completing my third book and working hard in one of my local retail outlets for the past 8 weeks in the name of research, but more about that later. Too, I've been mulling over ideas for book 4 and getting way too excited and ahead of myself!

Can you tell us more about your latest book?

My latest book 'Some Like It Hot' came out the end of December and I'm delighted to say it's still in the Official ROI bok charts. I can now say that I'm a BEST SELLING AUTHOR thanks to 'Some Like It Hot' and to Cathy Kelly, I imagine, who chose to endorse it because she really enjoyed it. That has to be the highlight of my literary career.

In short, this book is about 5 women who choose to discuss those things generally best left unsaid by uniting a formal club bound by a constitution - The Curry Club. Each week after the curry is served, so too is a seperate dish containing 5 typed-out problems or issues until just one is pulled out for reading. The woman discuss the 'taboo' subject / issue in depth but without the knowledge of just whose life it is they're actually dissecting. I've played this game with my friends and it really does work. Of course, you can try to guess but the rules of the club are strict because it really does act as a free counsel for the women ....and you too if you have a go at playing it with your friends!

some-like-it-hot.jpgWhat are you reading at the moment?

I'm just finishing Cathy Kelly's Home Coming which is a beautiful and insightful read and next of my list is The Faithless by Martina Cole. Is it any wonder my own writing style is so eclectic! I loved diversity in books and I just can't settle for any one single genre I'm afraid.

Are there any authors who have inspired you?

I'd have to say the Queen of Chicklit - Ms Marian Keyes! It's my ambition to meet with her because she's my absolute idol although I don't quite know what I'd say apart from wow. Also, I've suffered from depression, albeit it only post-natal and so Marian has my full empathy regardless of what the press say. It's a hard thing to shake off and believe you me, it chooses you. You don't chose it. Life has been tough for her but I guess it's what's made her such an incredible writer.

I also adore Cecelia Aherne who I met last year at a Dublin book signing event along with Patricia Scanlan, Sheila O'Flanagan, Melissa Hil etc. Perhaps I'm biased but I think Ireland had produced some of the world's best writers. Lastly, I must mention Maggie O'Farrell who is amazing too.

What kind of research did you do for your latest novel?

For Some Like It Hot, I played endless games of The Curry Club with my friends and family, taking copious notes and often filming the many evenings, but this book was actually easy for me to write because I'd already written it as a television series so I knew all the characters and their quirky characteristics. Normally, it's the books which are adapted for screen but I did it the other way around and adapted the screen blueprint into a 120k narrative!

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I loved the diversity of the characters - the opposing lives they each led - none of them seeing their own lives for what they actually were. I quote in it that 'Life is wasted on the living' and for some people I believe that to be true. Especially for Veronica Smyth...aka Roni. Read it and see what your own thoughts are.

What are you working on next? (If you can tell us of course!)

I've just finished 'Over the Rainbow' which will be out in the summer of this year. It's based upon the true story of KT Coates, Sky One Gladiator who has been pioneering for years to take Pole Dancing - aka Vertical Dance - to the Olympics in 2016. When I worked in TV and Film Production, I started making a documentary about her but the plug was pulled on our funding so we had to wrap it up early, but I decided it was too good a story to leave. As such, it's my third book and in perfect timing (!) it will be launched in the run up to the 2012 London Olympics!

Thanks Amanda!

You can find out more about Amanda Brobyn and Some Like it Hot by visiting her website.

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