BOOK REVIEW: Girl on the Run by Jane Costello

girlontherunjc.jpgJane Costello's latest novel All the Single Ladies was released earlier this month, and whilst looking forward to this new offering (and having enjoyed Jane's earlier novel, Bridesmaids, I decided to check out 2011 novel Girl on the Run. Having recently taken up running myself, I thought this would be an extremely fun read!

Abby Rogers is hardly a health fanatic. Running her own successful web design business takes up most of her time, and she has little interest in anything remotely fitness-related, unlike her sporty best friend Jess. When Abby nearly hits over a rather handsome motorcylist on her way to work one morning, she realises that her work is also keeping her single. Cue Jess, who encourages Abby to join the local running club, where one 'dishy' doctor called Oliver is also a keen (and not to mention fit) regular.

Despite her initial reluctance, Abby pulls on what running gear she can find and begins her first session at the club - which goes hilariously wrong. But she's determined - although when the biker whose beloved motorcyle she practically wrecked turns up at the club, she nearly gives up altogether through sheer humiliation.

But when dedicated colleague Heidi reveals some devastating news about her health, Abby decides to take the plunge - and signs up for a half-marathon in order to raise funds for charity. Pretty soon the donations are flooding in, leaving Abby terrified that she won't be able to reach the finish line. And when problems at work arise, Abby needs to remain thoroughly determined...

I loved this book, which is now on my list of chick-lit favourites. Jane Costello has amazing talent and a comedic writing style that made me not want to stop reading until I'd finished. I loved Abby from the start and her transformation from reluctant, workaholic food-lover to fitness fan and could relate to her and her plight - okay, so I personally wouldn't run in a painful thong, but hey, we all make mistakes...

Abby's heartfelt determination to raise money for Heidi's charity won me over, and I loved all of the other characters too, such as Priya and Heidi (although Dr Dishy? Not so much, but you'll have to read it to find out why!) Admittedly, I guessed the ending from the very beginning, but that didn't matter to me - the book is such a funny read and I couldn't wait to find out how Abby completed the race. Filled with loveable characters and hilarious moments, Girl on the Run is a wonderful read which I thoroughly enjoyed all the way through.

Bring on All the Single Ladies!

Rating: 5/5

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