Each fortnight we're being joined by some of the lovely ladies of erotic fiction publisher Total-E-Bound for some fab features and interviews. Today, author Courtney Breazile gives us an insight into the world of an erotic writer...

The Life of an Erotic Author


It's amazing to me what people think the life of an erotic author consists of. Their minds are, I swear, dirtier than mine! It's all dark candlelight rooms, naked bodies and debauchery. They imagine every moment of my day to be filled with erotic something, not to mention the huge cash payouts I must be getting all the time. If I did and had half the things people thought I did, I would be rich enough to pay for a good lawyer to keep me out of jail for the naughtiness I suppose...

Reality being much less glamorous I am not disappointed that they think I am so much more interesting than I think I am.

What people think I do...

Wake in the morning, late having slept in with filthy dreams filling my sleeping mind. Surrounded by silk sheets, pillows and perhaps one or two partners from the night before, stretching languidly trying to decide how to spend the day. Served coffee and fresh fruit in bed by a sexy half clothed maid I let the sun shine down on me through my huge windows that face an amazing view of majestic mountains. A snap of my fingers brings my laptop to me and I begin to write. My fingers flow over the keyboard retelling in supposedly fictional stories all the wonderfully erotic things I have been doing in the last few days and plan to do in the near future.  

What I really do...

Alarm is going off at the crack of dawn. Groggily stumble from bed, make coffee, hot shower. Wake up the mini me and get her breakfast and dressed and backpack together then rushing her off to school on the way to the day job. If I am lucky I will have a down moment to think and plot on my story during the day. Then its pick up from school, dinner, homework, bath and bedtime. Now I am exhausted, sipping a glass of wine and grab the laptop. I try and block out the stress of life as I delve into one of my stories, it's a great escape.

The truth is so much less glamorous than what people think. Like I said, I don't mind at all that they think my life so much more interesting, and yes at times it is quite interesting. I do get to do and see some fun things not everyone is exposed to, but more because I seek it out as a person rather than because being an erotic author comes with it as a perk.

On the 9th of April my twenty-second story will be published, The Realm of Passion at Total-E-Bound publishing. This is a lesbian fantasy short story that is passionate and fun. 'Irresistible magic in a tempting body.'

Callie's body is the perfect hiding place for the magic of the fairy realm. Malia is the perfect guard for her body against the demons determined to have the magic for themselves. Malia can't resist the magic--it calls to her and Callie's body is as close as she can get to it. Surprised to find the body so welcoming, Malia refuses to give it up once she has it. Is their attraction enough to break the rules of the fairy realm?

I hope that my escape into writing becomes an escape into reading for everyone who comes across my stories. READ TO ESCAPE... because fantasy is so much better than reality.

You can find out more about Courtney at her website, Facebook and Twitter.