We interviewed Elizabeth Leiknes back in 2009 when her book The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns was released. Now Elizabeth's back with new novel The Understory. The magical tale is out on 1st June, and to celebrate, publishers Bancroft Press are running a giveaway for four Bancroft Press eBooks.

One lucky winner will snap up The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns, The Understory, and two more books of the winner's choosing. To read the rules and enter, head on over to the Bancroft Press Facebook page. Good luck!

Read on for the synopsis of The Understory...

Story Easton knows the first line of every book, but never the last.

She never cries, but she fakes it beautifully.

And at night, she escapes from the failure of her own life by breaking into the homes of others, and feeling, for a short while, like a different, better person.

But one night, as an uninvited guest in someone's empty room, she discovers a story sadder than her own: a boy named Cooper Payne, whose dream of visiting the Amazon rainforest and discovering the moonflower from his favorite book, Once Upon a Moonflower, died alongside his father.

For reasons even she doesn't entirely understand, Story decides that she will help Cooper and his mother. She will make his dream come true.

When the decision is made, the lives of other broken people start to come together: Hans Turner, the door-making magician who can't shut the door on his past; Martin Baxter, the author of Cooper's beloved book, who wrote it with the daughter he misses every day; and Claire Payne, Cooper's mother, struggling to keep her son sheltered from the anger that threatens to consume her.

The Understory is a magical, moving, funny, and poignant story of failure and success; of falling apart and rebuilding; and of coincidences that never really are. Part comedy, part drama, and part fairy tale, Elizabeth Leiknes's second novel is a wonder you won't soon forget.