My First Release: New TEB author Sage Marlowe shares her writing experience

This fortnight, Total-E-Bound author Sage Marlowe talks about her first time as an author, and her new book Sub-Mission...

My First Release

by Sage Marlowe


Did you spot the double-entendre just now? Great, because it means that this article may be something for you.

My name is Sage Marlowe, I'm a newbie erotic romance author and my first book, Sub-Mission, a gay erotic romance novel with a touch of BDSM, has been released a couple of days ago.

As so often with first times, the way to publishing wasn't exactly what I thought it would be like, but, it's an experience I wouldn't want to miss - and I can't wait to do it again!

You see, I've always been passionate about books and I'd wanted to get seriously involved with one for years, but somehow I just never even knew where to start. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, a generous muse introduced me to Noah and Pierce, the heroes of Sub-Mission, and well, I fell head over heels in love with them and their story. Our relationship, er, book, developed quickly and, like everyone who is in love, I wanted to share my happiness with the world, so I dared myself to actually submit this manuscript. Fortunately, Total-E-Bound, the publisher behind some books I'd read around the time I started dating Noah and Pierce, accepted it.

Frightfully soon, Sub-Mission and I moved past the initial light-hearted let's-see-where-this-will-take-us stage when I was given a Book Information Form to fill out. Not a scary thing as such, but, the more I thought about what it meant for our future together, the more I realised that things were getting serious.

The hardest part about the BIF for me was the specifications for the cover. I mean, I always know what my guys look like (I write all-male erotic romance, so yeah, there are a lot of sinfully sexy hunks in my head) but putting those images into words that allow someone else to know exactly what I'm thinking of is quite astonishingly difficult. Luckily, TEB's wonderful cover artist apparently had a peek into my head as she created the cover for Sub-Mission, because the guys she came up with are not just gorgeous, they're a perfect match, too.

Our relationship was put to the test for the first time when I received the edited version. Fortunately there was not quite as much red in it as I thought there would be, but by the time I'd read through the first two chapters I felt like the English language was about as easy to grasp as a ray of sunshine in November.

Really, nothing makes me as self-conscious about what I write as knowing that every expression, every single word and every punctuation mark I use will be looked at closely. And since I happen to write erotic romance, this awareness had me cringe and blush, because, so far the scenes that have earned us an erotic rating of total-e-melting had only ever been between Noah and Pierce (with myself hovering around or lurking in the shadows, taking notes, of course, but that's different). You just don't want to think about those special moments being inspected quite so closely by, uh, anyone, really, but least of all by an editor. If you want to get an idea of what I'm talking about, just try to imagine having every aspect of your most intimate minutes scrutinised over. That's got to evoke performance issues even in the most self-confident person, so I think the guys deserve a big pat on the shoulder for, ahem, keeping it up so well.

Fortunately my editor didn't put too much red into those scenes, so I can at least pretend that they were satisfying for all parties concerned. They certainly were for me, and, if you'd like to read them for yourself, I hope that you, too, will enjoy them - and the rest of the story of course.

I, for my part, am still infatuated with this book but it seems that, as an author, I am going to be living in a ménage, because there's always another story and another character waiting to steal away my heart.

You can find out more about Sage Marlowe by visiting her website.

My First Release: New TEB author Sage Marlowe shares her writing experience - Comments

  • Lisabet Sarai

     Hello, Sage,

    Even after 6 years with TEB, I still hate filling out the BIF - but that's more because of the tag line and blurb than the cover description. I'm so bad at those!

     I do like your cover. Did you describe your hero as having blue eyes by any chance? ;^)

    As for editors seeing the naughty parts of my books - that never bothers me.Although I do occasionally get comments from my editor that my vocabulary is too clinical. I don't always agree...

    Anyway, congratulations on your first release. I hope it's the first of many.

  • marlowe.sage

    HIya Lisabeth,

    Just what makes you think I mentioned blue eyes anywhere, lol?

    I know what you mean with the tag and the blurb - they can really be a drag, especially if you think about them being the first thing everybody sees of your books - gah, now that really is something I try not to think about as I write them!

    Anyway, I don't think you're bad at tags and blurbs at all - I like the ones I've seen from you so far!

    All the best!


    Sage Marlowe

    Taking romance to the edge...

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