We've been seeking out the newest digital reads and there are quite a few on the Kindle to-read list! One we're particularly looking forward to is The Break-Up Test by Rose McClelland, about three women with bad relationship choices embark on a test that will change their lives. Read on for the synopsis, and watch this space for a review with Rose!

Meet Amy, Beth and Sarah. All intelligent women with one thing in common - a bad taste in men!

Amy receives seductive texts from Gav and promptly skips round to his house for a mid-afternoon romp. She never planned it that way. Maybe one day he'll actually fall in love with her?
Beth sits at her desk, her mobile phone propped up in front of her keyboard. Anytime soon it'll light up like the Blackpool Illuminations, and Karl will finally get in touch about that drink. It's been five days...

Sarah is seeing Stephen, trying to believe his claim that although he shares a bed with his ex, Kat, they aren't sleeping together. She can't believe it's turned into one of THOSE stories you read about in women's weeklies.

Then Jamie comes along with his Break-Up Test and turns their lives upside down.
Will Gav, Karl and Stephen suddenly sniff the competition and clean up their acts?
And what exactly is in it for Jamie?

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