AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Kirsty Greenwood

We've just read the witty and charming novel Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood - new chick-lit author and editor of Novelicious - and loved it! Of course, we couldn't wait to put our questions to the lovely Kirsty to find out more about the book!

Please describe your latest book in 15 words or fewer.
A sparkly tale about telling the truth and discovering your dreams. Sexy, funny chick-lit mischief!

What inspired you to write Yours Truly?
There's just so much secret stuff going on in people's heads! And how horrified would you be if those around you knew all the stuff you were really thinking? Man alive.

I thought that irresistible truth-telling had a lot of scope for comedy and conflict, my agent agreed and so I put my protagonist, Natalie in that very situation. *Evil laugh*

What is your favourite book?
It's not a book, but the play Much Ado About Nothing makes me happy. I love the screwball nature of the story. I re-read Much Ado about once a year.

Which part of Yours Truly was the most enjoyable to write?
I had a LOT of fun writing the character of Dionne, Natalie's slightly chavvy sister. Dionne is helping to plan Natalie's upcoming nuptials and I had an absolute ball coming up with her outlandish ideas for what would make a 'classy wedding'. Ooh, I also loved witing the romantic bits; especially the flirty cookery scenes. That gave me butterflies.

What are you currently reading?
I've just finished an absolutely cracking YA crossover book called Eleanor and Park which is by Rainbow Rowell. I stayed up until 4am reading it because I didn't want to leave the characters. Next up is Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy. I love Clodagh's books so I'm really looking forward to that.

Who is your favourite heroine?
Holly in Jenny Colgan's Talking to Addison is the first chick-lit heroine I really related too. I also have a soft spot for Ashling from Marian Keyes' Sushi for Beginners.

Do you have any tips for readers who are looking to become published writers?
From my own experience:
You can't really 'see' your story until you have a full first draft.  Get that draft down and it will all become clearer. You'll also feel great - you wrote a book!

Don't start your first chapter with reams of description or scene scetting. Get right into the action with a punchy, confident first line, surprise the reader and make them want to know what's coming next.

Visit Novelicious on Tuesdays for tons of writing tips from bestselling authors, interviews with agents and lots of stuff to help you on your writing journey. ;)

Are you working on anything else at the moment and if so, can you tell us?
I'm working on a new book which is the first in a planned series. It is inspired by manners, make-up and Mad Men is all I'll say for now...

Thanks, Kirsty!

You can find out more about Kirsty Greenwood over at her website.

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