BOOK REVIEW: Construct a Couple by Talli Roland

There's no denying that Talli Roland is fast becoming a big name in chick-lit, with her previous books (The Hating Game, Watching Willow Watts and Build a Man), gaining fantastic reviews. Admittedly, we love her here at Trashi and were enormously excited when her latest novel, Construct a Couple, was released.

Construct a Couple is the second tale following London heroine Serenity Holland. In Build a Man, wannabe reporter and cosmetic surgery assistant Serenity goes undercover to get the story of her dreams, and snaps up a wonderful man in the process. Fast-forward a little, and Serenity's dream London life is shaping up just nicely, with boyfriend Jeremy and new job at a city newspaper. Okay, so she's just a fact-checker, but she's determined to work her way up the ranks and become a top journalist like her idol, Helen Goodall. There's nothing stopping her now. Or so she thinks...

Confined to lowly Fact Check Row with the snide, annoying failed journo Gregor and the loveable, fashionable Lizzie, Serenity has her heart set on working hard to achieve the career she's always dreamed of. But what if her career - and her perfect love life - collide? She's about to find out.

Since Jeremy's stroke, Serenity's working hard to look after him and ensure he stays healthy.  And When overly-keen Serenity starts work on a seemingly juicy story about a construction company, she jumps right in to prove her eager journalistic eye. But when it turns out that the story could put her boyfriend's charity in jeopardy, it's soon too late to turn back. The last thing Serenity wants is to keep secrets from Jeremy. But what can she do? As is happens, she'll try her best. Yet the further Serenity digs, the more secrets she unearths - including some about her fact-check co-workers. Who can be trusted?

I finished this book in one sitting. Having done the same with previous novel Build a Man which was just as addictive, I knew Construct a Couple would be a great read, but it was even better than expected. Not only is Talli's writing style so enjoyable, but the characters - and the relationship between Serenity and Jeremy - seem very real. I found that I had to keep reading to find out what Serenity did next, and where her secret-keeping led her! This was a great book, and I'm trying to remain patient for Talli's next novel!

Rating: 5/5

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