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Eleanor Prescott's novel Could It be I'm Falling In Love? is a wonderfully funny romantic read about once-famous ladette TV presenter Roxy Squires and a group of fellow fading celebrities. Roxy is determined to climb back up to stardom with her friends,but can she rediscover fame - and love - at the same time? We absolutely loved the novel (review to come soon!) and couldn't wait to put our questions to Eleanor.

Please describe your latest book in 15 words or fewer.
A romantic comedy set amongst a bunch of has-been ex-celebs.

What inspired you to write Could It Be I'm Falling in Love?
A hangover. 

A few years ago I was working for MTV, and one of my colleagues got married.  One of her wedding guests happened to be a former pop star - someone who'd been massively famous many years before, but hadn't done anything since.  Although it was very normal to see lots of famous people at work, I got drunk and completely lost my cool.  As the wedding went on, the pop star was quietly dancing with his wife, being totally normal and discreet... but me and my boss (both bladdered and wielding a camera) started throwing strategic shapes on the dancefloor, doing thumbs up and sneakily snapping ourselves vogueing next to the star.  The poor man had probably become a bank manager, but he still couldn't escape lumps like me gawping because 15 years ago he'd been on the telly.  So anyway, the next morning the hangover got me thinking... what does a celeb do once their fame is over?  Can they just get a nine-to-five?  Can they ever just be 'normal'?

Where do you do most of your writing?
At my kitchen table, which is a terrible place to do it.  I wrote my first book in the loft - 2 whole staircases away from the kitchen and its biscuits - and didn't put on a pound.  I wrote COULD IT BE in the kitchen and put on 17.

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What is your favourite book?
I'm a book tart and my favourite changes with the wind.  Depending on my mood it could be anything from 'Pride & Prejudice' to 'American Psycho'.  I'm always falling in love with books - and always forgetting them a few weeks later.  The most recent I fell for was 'The Snow Child' by Eowyn Ivey.  God, that was an amazing read...

Which part of Could It be I'm Falling in Love was the most enjoyable to write?
I honestly loved writing it all.  The very best bit about writing is that all the characters become completely real to you.  I'm always walking around having conversations with them in my head.  Obviously I loved writing Roxy Squires, the fame-obsessed 90's TV ladette who's still falling out of nightclubs, completely in denial about the state of her career.  But I also have a massive soft spot for Terry Tornado (the bitter, disgraced TV weatherman who thinks the world mugged him of his job) and Simon (the mild-mannered ex-soap villain who's constantly getting heckled by grannies in Waitrose for being a 'kiddy-fiddling pervert'). Actually, the hardest part about writing is saying goodbye to the characters at the end.  I kind of miss our chats.  Does that make me sound really sad...?

What are you currently reading?
I've just finished JK Rowling's 'The Casual Vacancy' (about 6 months after the rest of the world!).  I don't know what the critics were on about... I thought it was fantastic and was glued from the first page. I'm about to start 'The Lifeboat' by Charlotte Rogan. 

Who is your favourite heroine?
Bridget Jones. Hard-drinking, gaff-ridden with big pants. What's not to love?
Do you have any tips for readers who are looking to become published writers?
Don't be frightened. As someone clever once said, it's better to try and fail than never try at all. I can't count how many people have come up to me and told me they've written a book that they've never shown to anybody. Don't be frightened of getting rejected... every author has rejections.

Are you working on anything else at the moment and if so, can you tell us?
I've spent the last few weeks doing research and making notes for book 3, and I'm about to get stuck in and start writing.  I can't say what it's about yet, though.  It feels too new... like I might jinx it by blabbing.

Where can we find out more?
If you want to find out more about me or my books, you can try my website.  I'm on facebook (EleanorPrescottAuthor) and Twitter too, but for good tweets try Roxy Squires (@foxyroxysquires) - she's way more interesting than me.  She imparts pearls of (drunken) wisdom and (dubious) advice for wannabe TV presenters.

Thanks, Eleanor!

You can purchase Could It Be I'm Falling in Love here (or here for Kindle!)