BLOG TOUR: Author interview with Laura Kemp

We're pleased to have Laura Kemp, author of new novel Mums Like Us, stopping by on her blog tour today! Mums Like Us is the wonderfully funny debut focusing on a group of like-minded mums who understand that motherhood isn't exactly perfect...

Please describe your latest book in 15 words or fewer.
It's a ridiculous comedy to make mums laugh - and feel fab about being 'good enough'.

What inspired you to write Mums Like Us?
Writing the book was my way of making sense of all the pressures I felt becoming a mum for the first time. There were times when I was on the verge of tears at a playgroup because I wasn't coping with motherhood and it felt like everyone around me was. Of course, that probably wasn't the case - women are very good at putting on a brave face and I'm sure there were many in the same room who were like me. Then being bombarded with images of celeb mums losing weight a month after they've given birth. Oh and the endless reels of advice being shoved down our throats! That's why I decided to set up my own fictional support group for ordinary mums who leave the house wearing lippy and splodges of baby sick on their tops.

Where do you do most of your writing?
In the kitchen. I like to be as close to emergency crisps as possible.

What is your favourite book?
It's got to be Wuthering Heights. It's so powerful; the characters, the themes and the language. Plus it's so detailed and the plot so well thought out. I get shivers thinking about Heathcliff!

Which part of Mums Like Us was the most enjoyable to write?
The chapter about the Mums Like Us demo turning into a mass brawl in the heart of Mother Superior territory - London's Notting Hill. I wrote it as if it was being reported as 'breaking news' on Sky News. I had a ball hamming it up - particularly the Mums Like Us members chucking sausage rolls and crisps at their perfect rivals and the sight of fake nails and handbags flying in all directions.

What are you currently reading?
Rhoda Janzen's Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. It's a brilliant memoir about a woman going back to the Christian community she couldn't wait to get away from after she is dumped by her husband for a man and hospitalised in a car accident.

Who is your favourite heroine?
In terms of literary heroines, Bridget Jones because she was the first character in my consciousness at least who felt 'like us'. She was disaster-prone, unlucky in love and perpetually non-achieving. Just a brilliant character.

Do you have any tips for readers who are looking to become published writers?
Keep at it! Persistence, determination, passion and hard work whatever stage you're at, be it writing a synopsis, finding an agent or ploughing through 100,000 words.

Are you working on anything else at the moment and if so, can you tell us?
Yes, I'm half-way through my second novel, Mums On Strike, which is about a normal mum downing her tools at home because she's had enough of being the dogsbody. It's very different to Mums Like Us, which is written in a first person present narrative. Mums On Strike is more like a traditional novel, in the third person past, and looks at how the strike impacts on her marriage, friendships and local town.

Thanks, Laura!

You can find out more about Laura Kemp at her website, Facebook (click here for the Mums Like Us page), and Twitter. You can buy the book here.

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